Capital Solutions

Alternative Financing Options for Established Financial Services Clients

Acquiring profitable new customers is one of the most costly activities of business. Often, marketing opportunities are underfunded – or not funded at all. Even when budgets are sufficient, the up-front expense can delay profitability of new customer relationships by years.

Funding Now for Faster Returns

Kessler Capital offers an alternative marketing finance model for established financial services clients. Kessler Capital invests in new account acquisition programs to accelerate growth in the face of increasing earnings pressures and budgetary constraints. With Kessler Capital, clients can fund existing or incremental marketing programs where Kessler’s returns are aligned with our clients’ success through risk-based structures linked to the performance of the resulting new customer relationships over time.

The Advantages Include:

  • Immediate funding to supplement or even replace direct marketing budget requirements
  • Favorable financial profiles in which marketing costs can be incurred over time, accelerating the profitability of new customer relationships
  • Aligned interests – compensation is linked to account performance, aligning interests with our client partners
  • Added Value – Kessler Capital can contribute strategic expertise honed by more than 30 years of experience, yet work seamlessly with the vendors and systems our clients already have in place