M&A Advisory Solutions

Maximize the Value of Programs and Assets: Mergers & Acquisitions

The Kessler Group specializes in negotiating Mergers & Acquisitions deals involving consumer and business credit portfolios of all types; including those with endorsements, such as banks and credit unions, travel and entertainment companies, retailers, professional associations and special interest and cause-related groups.

Opportunities for Improved Performance
Over time, endorsed program partnerships may be candidates for review in light of changing market conditions and evolving business ambitions. The Mergers & Acquisitions practice collaborates with both partner groups and issuers in the pursuit of optimal program and portfolio performance.

With more than 20 years of experience advising partners and negotiating over 500 portfolio transactions representing over $80 billion in assets, we have become the industry leader in brokering mutually rewarding resolutions that maximize the value of portfolio assets for all parties involved.

Advisory Services Include:

  • Program Optimization Analysis
  • Partner Selection Process & Execution
  • Contract Negotiations / Restructures
  • Program Transition Strategies & Execution
  • Issuer Re-entry Strategies

Transactional Services Include:

  • Portfolio Valuation & Analysis
  • Portfolio Due Diligence
  • Purchase & Sale Agreement Negotiations
  • Interim Servicing Agreement Negotiations

Focus on Community Financial Institutions (KFI):

  • Agent Credit Card Partnerships
  • Merchant Advisory Services
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Case Studies