Partnership Solutions

Aligning Relationships for Results

In retail financial services, partnership program success depends upon careful collaboration: on one side, there are credit card issuers and financial service providers eager to expand their business; on the other, membership groups and organizations are equally eager to capitalize on their relationships and enhance their value propositions.

The Kessler Group’s Partnership Solutions practice works with both parties, identifying opportunities and developing collaborative structures that enhance value. We help program participants form collective goals, organize operations and optimize productive relationships that achieve the goals of all parties.

After more than 25 years and with over 6,000 partnership programs, we know how to build lasting partnerships that create meaningful value.

Pulling the Parts Together

Business development begins with the right fit of partners, as defined by goals, targets, brands and ambitions. Partnership Solutions works with the parties every step of the way – facilitating the development of business and marketing plans, the finalization of contracts, and the formulation of strategies and operational models to ensure that the partnership is mutually beneficial.

Adding More Value

As relationships mature, new needs and opportunities arise. Partnership Solutions can introduce new financial services products to expand current relationships and increase the value of collaboration. And through our risk syndication service, we can turn declined applications into new revenue streams that reclaim real returns from initial marketing investments.


The Kessler Group serves as a third partner in the programs we assist in assembling, giving us a vested interest in the outcome of the partnership that is aligned with the interests of the collaborative parties; we share their risk, and we succeed when they succeed.

We Find Partners for Select Organizations Seeking:

  • Affinity Card Programs
  • Endorsed Debit Cards
  • Endorsed Student Loans
  • Insurance Products (Property & Casualty, Home, Auto)
  • Enhancement Services
    • ID Theft Protection
    • Travel Protection
    • Credit Card Fraud Protection

We Create Partnership Programs With:

  • Financial Institutions (Local and Regional)
  • Credit Unions
  • Colleges & Universities (Alumni Organizations)
  • Professional Organizations
  • Sports Teams
  • Charities & Causes
  • Military Organizations
  • Special Interest Groups
  • Retailers & Service Providers
  • Travel & Entertainment Organizations
  • Brokerage & Investment Firms
  • Membership Organizations

Case Studies